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Отраслевая информация

Smart home control system works with smart home wifi camera monitors


What is the working principle of smart home control system? What are the smart home control system structures? For many families that choose smart locks, the smart home based on the Internet of Things is the ultimate goal. The role of intelligent security is the first level, then this article will introduce the smart home control system, and with smart home control system structure diagram, the user can understand the role played by various parts, to understand the role of smart lock in it Serve. 4pN Smart Lock China

What is smart home

Smart home system is the use of advanced computer technology, network communications technology, integrated wiring technology, medical electronics technology in accordance with ergonomic principles, integration of individual needs, will be related to home life of various subsystems such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas Valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care, health and epidemic prevention, and security and security are organically combined to achieve a “people-oriented” brand-new home life experience through integrated, intelligent network control and management. Also known as smart home, commonly used abroad Smart Home said. Home Automation, Electronic Home, E-home, Digital Family, Home Net/Networks for Home, and Network Home are similar to home automation systems. , Intelligent Home/Building, in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, there are digital home, digital home, and other methods. 4pN Smart Lock China

China’s intelligentization of residential communities is defined as the integration of multiple information services and management, property management and security, and residential intelligent systems through the use of 4C (ie, computers, communications and networking, self-control, and IC card) technologies through effective transmission networks. Provide high-tech and intelligent means for the service and management of residential communities in order to achieve fast and efficient premium services and management, and provide a safe and comfortable home environment. 4pN Smart Lock China

Since the emergence of the first smart building in the world in the United States in 1984, more economically developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia have proposed various smart home solutions. Singapore model family intelligent system includes three-sheet copy function, security alarm function, video intercom function, monitoring center function, home appliance control function, cable television access, household information message function, home intelligent control panel, intelligent wiring box , broadband access and system software configuration. 4pN Smart Lock China

The ultimate goal of smart home is to make the family more comfortable, more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly. With the continuous development of human consumption demands and house intelligence, today's smart home systems will have richer content and more complex system configurations. Smart home includes network access system, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, television intercom access area system, gas leak detection system, remote meter reading (meter, meter, gas meter) system, emergency help system, remote medical diagnosis and nursing Systems, indoor electrical automatic control management and development systems, centralized cooling and heating systems, online shopping systems, voice and fax (email) service systems, online education systems, stock operating systems, video on demand, pay-TV systems, cable television systems, etc. . 4pN Smart Lock China

Smart home control system working principle

Smart home control systems (SCS). Does this name sound complicated? Now I will take everyone to learn more about the principles of the smart home control system, take a look at its structure chart, and understand how it works for us. 4pN Smart Lock China

The smart home control system is based on a residential platform, with home appliances and home appliances as the main control objects. It uses integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home-related living facilities. To build an efficient control system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs, to enhance home intelligence, safety, convenience, and comfort, and to implement an environmentally friendly and energy-saving integrated smart home network control system platform. The smart home control system is the core of the smart home, and is the basis for the realization of smart home control functions. 4pN Smart Lock China

The command to launch the role of fragmentation, it is important to receive various types of sensor signals through various types of sensing devices, and trigger control commands may be manually consciously remote control, manual trigger corresponding to the launch of smart devices to retract control commands, such as: temperature and humidity sensors Collect temperature and humidity change data in the room, and set triggering requirements for temperature and humidity changes according to requirements. When the temperature or humidity reaches the preset triggering requirement, the linkage control command is retrieved; when the temperature is high, the air conditioner starts to cool, when the temperature is low , Air conditioning began to heat. If the brightness sensor is installed, the preset light is actively closed when the indoor light is bright, and the preset light is automatically turned on when the indoor light is not bright enough. If the human body sensor is guarded, when it is detected, when a person is active, a telephone alarm is immediately triggered. When not in the armed state, the person is sensed and actively activates a preset light. When no one is detected, the light is actively closed. The completion of these small scenes is triggered by various types of sensors to trigger intelligent control, of course, can also be manually triggered by indirect manual control, for example: after various types of smart remote control, wall smart panel, home LAN Constrain a computer to indirectly trigger control commands. If a person is not in the room, he or she can control all the equipment in the room by telephone or INTERNET long-distance control. 4pN Smart Lock China

The command to perform the role of fragmentation, such as: turn on or off the light, the important through the smart panel to complete, after receiving the various types of control commands, intelligent panel, after analysis and decoding, drive the corresponding strong electric drive circuit, turn the light control back to the road Or disconnect, so that control is completed; In addition, the control of equipment such as appliances, curtains and so on is the same reason, when the digital curtain switch, after receiving the control command, immediately drive the corresponding circuit of the electric curtain motor motor is turned on or off, This will do the switch control of the curtain. On the control of infrared appliances, such as air conditioners, televisions, DVDs, etc., are completed by the body sensor on the ceiling, and after the body sensor receives the control signal, the control signal is immediately forwarded to the corresponding infrared instruction, like control. DVD player switch, play, pause and other infrared control instructions. With regard to the completion of the security alarm function, when the digital security module receives the control command, it will turn into a corresponding voice signal and dial the preset telephone number alarm. Regarding the control intelligence of the background music, as well, when the digital video center of gravity receives the control command, it immediately switches the external playback source circuit and starts playing the sound source. Therefore, when various complicated scene commands are triggered, for example, the “theater” scene key is triggered, the corresponding command execution device fragmentarily decodes according to the received command and executes the control command together, therefore, the corresponding lighting, electrical appliances, curtains Background music starts with a preset horizontal task and reaches the preset scene effect. 4pN Smart Lock China

Smart Home Control System Advantages Featured Features

1. The system structure is flexible. In general, the smart home control system is a combination of various subsystems through a network communication system. You can reduce or add subsystems as needed to meet your needs. 4pN Smart Lock China

2, convenient operation and management. All devices controlled by the smart home can be operated by human-machine interfaces such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and touch screens, which are very convenient. 4pN Smart Lock China

3, scene control features rich. Various control modes can be set, such as home mode, home mode, rain mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, etc., which greatly satisfy the quality of life requirements. 4pN Smart Lock China

4, information resources sharing. Home temperature, humidity, and dryness can be posted on the Internet to form an entire regional environmental monitoring point, which provides effective and valuable information for environmental monitoring. 4pN Smart Lock China

5, easy installation and debugging. Plug and play, especially in a wireless manner, can quickly deploy the system. 4pN Smart Lock China

Smart home control system configuration map

The main subsystems included in the smart home system are: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat panel audio), home theater and multimedia System, home environment control system and other eight systems. Among them, smart home (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, home security system is an essential system, home wiring system, home network system, background music system, home theater and multimedia systems, family The environmental control system is an optional system. 4pN Smart Lock China

Smart home control system structure diagram

In the identification of smart home environment, only smart homes that have completely installed all necessary systems and have at least one or more optional systems installed can be called smart homes. 4pN Smart Lock China

Cabling system: For a smart home, you need a cabling system that supports voice/data, multimedia, home automation, security, and many other applications. This system is an intelligent residential cabling system. 4pN Smart Lock China

Security system: Home security system includes the following aspects: video surveillance, intercom system, access control card, emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leak alarm, broken glass detection alarm, infrared double-detection alarm. 4pN Smart Lock China

Remote control: You can use the remote control to control the turning on and off of lights, water heaters, electric curtains, water dispensers, air conditioners, etc. The display of this remote control can be used to query and display on the first floor (or in the living room). The second floor (or bedroom) lighting appliances turn on and off; at the same time this remote control can also control the infrared appliances in the home such as: TV, DVD, audio and other infrared electrical equipment - universal remote control. 4pN Smart Lock China

Telephone control: remote control of the telephone, high encryption (telephone identification) remote control function of multi-function voice telephone, when you are on a business trip or working outside your home, you can control the air-conditioner and curtains in the home, lighting appliances, and make it Early cooling or heating for customers or turning on and off, knowing whether the circuit in the home is normal through a mobile phone or a fixed phone, various household appliances (such as food in the refrigerator, etc.), you can also learn about the indoor air quality. Install electrical appliances similar to smoke alarms to control the ventilation and sterilization of windows and ultraviolet sterilizers. In addition, appropriate humidification of the air inside the house and the use of air-conditioning facilities will increase the temperature of the house according to the weather conditions. When the owner is not at home, it is also possible to automatically water the flowers and pets by using a mobile phone or a fixed telephone. Control the wardrobe of the bedroom to sterilize clothing, shoes, bedding, etc., and dry it. 4pN Smart Lock China

Timing control: You can set the automatic opening and closing time of some products in advance. For example, the electric heater automatically turns on the heating every night at 20:30, and automatically shuts off at 23:30 to ensure that you enjoy hot water bathing. It also brings power savings, comfort and style. Of course, the automatic opening and closing time of electric curtains is even more remarkable. 4pN Smart Lock China

Centralized control: You can open the living room, dining room and kitchen lights, kitchen appliances and other electrical appliances at the entrance of the entrance, especially at night, you can control the lighting and electrical appliances of the living room and bathroom in the bedroom, which is convenient and safe. Their working status. 4pN Smart Lock China

Scenario Control: You gently touch a button, several kinds of lights and electrical appliances are automatically executed in your "idea", making you feel and appreciate the perfect and simple technology life, efficient 4pN smart lock China

Network Control: In the office, in the field where you are on a business trip, as long as you have a network, you can log in to your home through the Internet and control your home appliances through a fixed smart home control interface in the online world. A free dynamic domain name. It is mainly used for remote network control and electrical status information inquiry. For example, if you are traveling in a foreign country, use a foreign network computer, and log in to the relevant IP address, you can control your own home lighting, electrical appliances, and return home. Before the plane, turn on the air conditioner or water heater in your home... 4pN Smart Lock China

Surveillance function: The video surveillance function can use the browser (such as IE) to perform remote video surveillance and voice calls directly at any time and any place through a local area network or broadband network. In addition, it also supports remote PC, local SD card storage, motion detection mail transmission, FTP transmission, for home use remote video shooting and taking pictures can achieve professional security protection and fun. 4pN Smart Lock China

Alarm function: When there is a police situation, it can automatically dial the point of the call, and linkage related electrical appliances to deal with alarm 4pN smart lock China

Sharing function: Home audio and video control system includes home video switching center (video sharing) and background music system (audio sharing). It is a multimedia platform for home entertainment. It uses advanced microcomputer technology, wireless remote control technology, and infrared remote control technology. Under the precise control of program instructions, the set-top box, satellite receiver, DVD, computer, video and audio server, high-definition player and other multi-channel The signal source can be sent to the TV, audio, and other terminal equipment in each room according to the needs of the user, and a variety of audio-visual equipments for the living room can be shared by one machine. Your home is a uniquely designed AV film exchange. 4pN Smart Lock China

Audio and video system technology, automatic classification of the collection of high-definition movies, organize the local play video poster UI experience. APP technology, the flat-board end/mobile phone application of the video cabinet, can freely control the content of the media center at any time through the local area network. 4pN Smart Lock China

Any 4 kinds of audiovisual equipment such as DVD players in the living room, digital TV set-top boxes, and satellite TV receivers are shared in 5 rooms for viewing and remote control; (bedrooms, bathrooms, study rooms, etc. are optional plus the living room) for your home The CD/TV/FM/MP3 audio source (or digital TV set-top box, satellite TV set-top box, IPTV, online movie, DVD, etc.) solve the sharing problem of audio and video equipment to solve the remote control, channel change, and volume operation of audio and video equipment. The purpose is the same as if you installed a digital TV set-top box (VCD, DVD) satellite TV set-top box in your bedroom. 4pN Smart Lock China

Musical system: Simply put, in any house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, background music lines can be covered by one or more audio sources (CD/TV/FM/MP3 audio sources) You can hear wonderful background music in every room. 4pN Smart Lock China

With AV film exchange products, you can use the lowest cost, not only to achieve the sharing of audio and video signals in each room, but also the independent remote control of the room to select the background music signal source, remote boot, shutdown, change Taiwan, fast forward, Retired and so on, is the best cost-effective design scheme for audio and video, background music sharing and remote control! 4pN Smart Lock China

Entertainment system: "digital entertainment" is the use of the study computer as the home entertainment center, the living room or master bedroom on the big screen television broadcast and display content from the Internet Shanghai music resources, video resources, television resources, game resources, Information resources and so on. 4pN Smart Lock China

Intelligent cabling: Through a total management box, various lines such as telephone lines, cable television lines, broadband network lines, and audio cables, which are called weak currents, are planned in an orderly manner to manage the telephones in the house. Fax, computer, television, DVD player, security monitoring equipment and other network information appliances, make it more powerful, easier to use, easier to maintain, easier to expand new uses. To achieve telephone extensions, LAN formation, cable TV sharing. 4pN Smart Lock China

Fingerprint lock: You must have had such an embarrassment: For some reason you forgot to bring home the house key, or family loved ones or guests visit, you just can't get back immediately, etc. If this time can be in the unit or distant How convenient is it to open the door with a cell phone or a telephone in the field! 4pN Smart Lock China

And in the unit or distant place with a mobile phone or phone "inquire" about home index code fingerprint lock "on, off" state, is not to make you feel safer! The world's top biometric identification, fingerprint technology and cryptographic technology, the perfect combination of three independent ways to open the door: fingerprints, passwords and mechanical keys, safe and convenient 4pN smart lock China

Air conditioning: There is a device that does not need to open the window all day (some toilets are closed), and you can replace the filtered fresh air regularly (the outside air is filtered in, and the house's air is eliminated) 4pN intelligence Lock China

Pet sitter: When you dial the phone at home, you can feed your favorite pet, and you can hear it. It's a very fun and fashionable life! Developed a high-tech, easy to operate telephone remote control, automatic timing control, remote control pet feeding machine... 4pN smart lock China

Mobile phone control: The rapid development of digital communication technology and network technology in recent years has been witnessed by everyone. People are increasingly eager to enjoy digital smart home life that is more convenient, faster, smarter, and more comfortable. In traditional home life, many home appliances such as air conditioners TVs, color TVs, and home theaters all use remote controls to control switches and select programs. Have you ever thought of using your phone to control these appliances? Mobile phone control of home appliances is not a dream. The development of smart homes allows us to realize our yearning for life and let us enjoy the new life brought by smart homes. 4pN Smart Lock China

Intelligent Security: Anti-theft, anti-robbery, fire prevention, anti-gas leakage and emergency rescue functions, fully integrated intelligent control of voice telephony, timing control, scene control, wireless forwarding and other intelligent lighting and home appliance control; no re-wiring, plug and play Use, easy to achieve home smart security; preset anti-theft alarm phone; reliable, stable performance, no need to worry about home security, property safety, life safety. 4pN Smart Lock China

The above is the introduction of relevant concepts of smart home. After reading, I believe that users can have a clearer understanding of the role played by smart locks in them. The smart home era is coming. 4pN Smart Lock China

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